Ebb and Flow -Penguins in the Waves

A board game where the aim of the penguin is to get ashore. The two large die advance your penguin and with the small dice you knock back the progress of a penguin of your choice.
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Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
Installation Instructions: 

1) This is a 4 player game where each picks a penguin to play with

2) Roll a dice and highest goes first. Then it proceeds in turn in a clockwise direction

3) In the first turn only throw the two large die and move your penguin.

4) In the second turn roll the two large die and the one smaller dice.

5) Move your penguin forward based on the sum of the number on the large die and move any competitors penguin back based on the number on the small dice.

6) Try to delay your opponent by landing them on traps

Star- Miss a complete turn

Square- Miss your turn on the forward dice

Triangle- Miss your turn on the backwards dice

7) It's a race to the safety of the rocks at the end. You can gang up on one poor penguin if you're feeling mean!



Tessa Fletcher

Jack Fletcher

Neil Fletcher

Bobbie Fletcher

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