Don't Drown

Don't Drown is a cooperative mobile game where 2-4 players take on unique roles on a shared pirate ship being attacked by a kraken.
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Mac OS X, Android device
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Unity (any product)
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Before playing the coop game, all players need to be in the same WiFi network. To start a game, one player need to press the button Host Game on the title screen, and then the other players need to input the IP address of the first host player's device (for Mac, it's shown in the Network Preferences). Once enter the game, Players are able to select roles by the role menu (the role icon on up right corner). For Mac players, arrow keys and space bars are needed to play the game. For Android players, tilting, tap and swipe are needed to play the game. 


The game was developed by Quinn Brander, Marc-Antoine Desbiens, Youhan Guan, Carina Kern, and Helen Nguyen. 

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