Blow particles around your screen. Goal is to get as many particles in the box on your left. The particles are blown in waves into the box with a friend. There is a TCP sockets. Create a bat file with DetoWave.exe +h 1000 for the host, then DetoWave.exe +c #hosts IP address#. Place bombs with mouse 1, you can place 3, with 0.2s delay between detonation. Then press space to see the result. R will reset for another go. The Red markers will remain between games so you know where you went last time. Keys: R - reset H - Halt Mouse 1 - place bomb Space - Start
Jam year: 
To me, to you
MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
DirectX11 ShaderModel4 VisualStudio C++ DirectCompute
Installation Instructions: 

Extract and run run.bat


Programmer: Stephen Wheeler

The Other Guy: James Wheeler

Game Stills: