Crazy Fury Harpoon is a Versus / Pixel Art game. You take control of submarines gladiators, fighting for power and glory ! The Great Burning Harpoon is dropped in the arena and you have to take it before your enemy does. Then, shoot with your HarpoonGun and slain him. Be careful, The Great Burning Harpoon is a very crazy weapon and it will bounce on every surfaces and kill your enemy..or may be you if you’re unlucky... If your enemy take the Harpoon first, be careful and when he shot with his Harpoon Gun, wait the very good moment and grab the harpoon on flight. Peoples are watching you during the battle. They can use the Old Gods Power to Summon a great Wave which can rotate platform on the field. Features 2 Players Game Random Rotation of the Platforms on the field The Great Harpoon, bouncing everywhere he wants ! (23/01/2017) -UPDATED!- We Uploaded the wrong version, so you can play to the real Crazy Fury Harpoon !
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Unzip the files and launch the executable .


Emeric Durdos ( 2D ART , DEV )
Luke Guedon  ( 2D ART ) 
Jean - Luc Lefèvre ( 2D ART , VFX) 
Yoan Vernet ( CONCEPT , 2D ART )
Dimitri Mazy (  2D ART )

Special Thanks to E.C.V Game Bordeaux!

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