Crazy Dave and the Awkward Wave

CDatAW is a game that simulates the experience of crossing paths on the sidewalk with a casual acquaintance that you’re only vaguely certain you recognize. Dave’s crippling social anxiety makes it difficult just to walk down the street without agonizing over whether or not he should wave to the people he sees. “Am I walking too fast? Hey I think that’s the new guy! No maybe not; Oh but that meeting later is going to be weird if I don’t wave… or… oh well, too late now. Oh I hope I’m not blocking anyone’s path. This outfit probably looks ridiculous.” Keep a close eye on people as you walk down the sidewalk, and watch for friendly faces! Hold the space bar to raise your hand in the air, and then tap the spacebar rapidly to wave it. The bigger your wave is, the more CONFIDENCE you get back from a friendly reaction. Be careful though, if you commit to a big wave to a bunch of strangers, that’s going to be pretty embarassing and COST you all that confidence instead. Run out of confidence and it's GAME OVER!
Jam year: 
Beyond the doors of perception (Tobii Sponsored)
Game Legacy
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Tools and Technologies: 
Eye tracking equipment, Unity (any product)
Source files: