Crack Me Up

It's a race to be breakfast, in this tale as old as time. Two eggs locked in eternal battle, find themselves needing to crack, boil, scramble, or fry themselves for the right the serve. Equipped with healing cannons, shoot waves of positive energy to prevent your opponent from damaging themselves enough to win. An inversion on the classic battle arena, your goal is to damage yourself, while keeping your opponent alive. Player 1 controls their egg with the W,A,S,D and Left Shift Key. Player 2 controls their egg with the Arrow Keys and the Right Shift Key. Our team is happy to contribute to this, our first Game Jam.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)


  1. Owen Sharp
  2. Duncan McIntosh
  3. Fatima Hachem
  4. Max Cote-Lapointe
  5. Katie Van
  6. Richard Zhuang


Outside Resources:

  1. The Unity Team for providing their Engine, and learning resources

Special Thanks:

To all the Jammers of the Ottawa Site :)

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