In a post-apocalytic universe, where the resources of energy are scarce, You are with a group of scavengers and you've been sent to an abandoned space station, to get an important source of energy. As you enter the base, it activates the emergency bots, who will try to search and eliminate you. With a gun which can emit a wave of light, you need to explore the base, evade the killing bots, get the source of energy and escape the base.
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Another way in
MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Just open the excecutable Condor.exe with the Condor_Data folder on the same folder.


Mauricio Llano - 3D Artist, Lead Artist.

Rocio Perez - 3D Artists, Animator.

Adriana Perez - 3D Artist, Concept Artist.

Jose Martinez - Concept Artist.

Ruben Villasante - 3D Artist, Level Designer.

Andrea Cortes - 3D Artist, Sound Designer.

Hector Quintana - Level Designer, Programmer, Game Designer

Jehosefat Lozoya - Programmer, Game Designer.

Alejandro Garza - 3D Artist.

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