Capital Disaster XVII

The year is 2017, and four years of rail construction have taken their toll on the streets of Canada's capital. Once again, a massive sinkhole has appeared in the city's downtown core, to devastating effect. Water mains have collapsed and forced manhole covers to burst free, flooding the streets and drowning pedestrians. Few have survived, and while the manholes remain open, there is no chance of recovery. Now, with rescue efforts thwarted by massive waves and gale-force winds, there is only one hope for the city... An entity of radical and unknown origins takes to the watery streets, powered by air and awesomeness to thwart danger and ride the waves! Controls: WASD/Arrow Keys - Move Space - Jump Q and E - Grab Tricks
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Local Lore
MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Project Lead: Michael Easton

Artists: Richard Guy, Megan Tierney, Samantha Bell

Developers: Michael Easton, Jeffery Norris

Music/SFX:  FreeSFX, Purple Planet Music

Written by: Richard Guy


All borrowed audio has been used under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License 3.0

Song - “License to Thrill”

Song - “Thrashing Around”



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