Buoys is a toy where you get to spin some circles around and enjoy the resulting emergent behavior. Only works on the latest version of Windows 10 and you need a DX12 GPU for it to run at like not <1fps as all graphics are ray-marched. Without an Xbox controller plugged in, BUOYS will run in demo mode. Plugging in a controller will allow you to control the buoy boys with the analog sticks. The toy can be experienced alone or with a friend, by holding one half of the controller each. Use the triggers to pull the strange and powerful THIRD BOY towards your small, weak, lesser boy.
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MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
Custom C++ D3D12 engine with Lua. Shadertoy style graphics with HLSL.
Installation Instructions: 

Unzip the folder and run the Executable to begin the BUOYS experience.

The game logic source comes zipped with the executable:

game.lua and config.lua can be altered to modify the BUOYS experience to your liking.


A toy by Nicolas Guillemot and Brandon Duncan

Music by Adam Caflisch

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Source files: