Bomb Wave

2 - 6 players game. Bomb wave is an EXPLOSIVE-Intense-fast-paced-strategic-easy-to-play game! -phew - No, SRSLY, if you know how to count until 2, you are prepared to play this game. About the game? Well, you move, make waves, repel everything and explode your friends. HAVE FUN! :D Oh, also, send us your feedback about the game! (And any questions too!) -- EMAIL: [email protected]
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Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
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I know, maybe you are thinking "The game seems cool, but I don't have the pieces, I dont have the board and patience to print and cut everything"


Most of the pieces you can replace with things in your home. 

- For the BOMBS you could use little cubes, or little cups, or little-stuff (pretty easy, right?)

- For the PLAYERS: You could use any cool miniature you have or pawns of the old-board games you have;

- For the DICES: We recommend 2 different color dices for the bomb-generation, buuuut you can use 1, and roll two times =D

-  For the BOARD: This is pretty hard to find a substitute in the size/shape you gonna need... But, think about it: Print it one time, and the game is yours forever! (We recommend printing the board and gluing it on something a little more resistant, like cardboard.)

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