Ben Oui!

Survive the Canadian wilderness with everyone's favorite lumberjack: Jean-Philippe Bûcheron! Armed with nothing but a hockey stick and a few pucks, you must fend off waves of wild animals and angry snowmen. Low on health? No problem. Drop by the Timmies drive thru and trade in some loonies and toonies to replenish yourself. Featuring classic Canadian environments such as the Boreal Forest and the Rocky Mountains, this game is the game to play if you want to celebrate Canada's 150th anniversary. No animals were hurt during the creation of this game. We do not condone the smacking of any animal with a hockey stick nor do we approve of smacking them with pucks.
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Local Lore
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Art Team

Laura Kwan

Travis Swan


Programming Team

Sam Albon

Matthew Beddome

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