Bat and Dolphin: Two Friends

The game about bat , what helping to dolphin leave the jail. This runner game for two players in which players control one of the friends and help each other to pass the obstacles to freedom. Stir friends in this difficult matter would prevent the boat from poachers and various dangers of the outside world. To combat the obstacles both animals can use echolocation.
Jam year: 
I see what you're saying
Another way in
Chipping In
Time Lord
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Unzip archive amd lounch .exe file.


Ivasiuk Pavlo - Team Lead and Epic Coder.

Chumak Ivan - Pixel Art and Skillfull Padavan.

Gladkov Sergey - Source Code and Many Coffee.

Maksym Railian - Sound Environment and Party Maker.

Max Popkov - Pixel Art and God of true 8-bit.

Sanya Teryoshun - Source Code and Night Team Lead.

Maksym Melnik - Slept in our tent.

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