In AssasSound, the player is placed in a big web as an Assassin spider. The player has the ability to lure other spiders (both bigger and smaller) by emulating the sounds of the prey they eat. If the spiders are lured, the player has the opportunity to eat them, increasing the health bar. If they fail, the other spiders can respond (run away or eat the player).
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

***** Speacial Instructions for running the game *****

***** WINDOWS *****
When executing the .exe file, if a window for setting Graphics configuration
values is displayed, select the max. Graphics quality ("Fantastic").


Made during Global Game Jam [email protected] Unity San Francisco Site

  • Maria Fernandez Hernandez - Programmer
  • Olaf van der Veen - Story / Level / Game Designer & Tester
  • Jeb Alvarado Montalvo - Programmer / Integration
  • Soumik Ghosh Moulic - Programmer
  • Henrique Nespoli - Programmer / Designer
  • Elisa Heinrich Mora - Designer
  • Barbara Fava da Costa - Designer / Artist / Programmer
  • Vu Huy Chu-Le - Programmer
  • Alex Peake - Programmer / Designer
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