AR Waves

AR Waves is an Augmented Reality (AR) project using Vuforia to play virtual musical instruments. Vuforia is the world's most widely used augmented reality platform. By directing a device's camera to specified images a virtual musical device will play. In essence, AR Waves makes a user's device become a virtually augmented sound machine one can broadcast on the airwaves (if one so wished (and also had access to radio broadcasting equipment)).
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Vuforia is an Augmented Reality Software Development Kit (SDK) for mobile devices that enable the creation of Augmented Reality applications. It uses Computer Vision technology to recognize and track planar images (Image Targets) and simple 3D objects, such as boxes, in real-time. This image registration capability enables developers to position and orient virtual objects, such as 3D models and other media, in relation to real world images when these are viewed through the camera of a mobile device. The virtual object then tracks the position and orientation of the image in real-time so that the viewer’s perspective on the object corresponds with their perspective on the Image Target, so that it appears that the virtual object is a part of the real world scene. The Vuforia SDK supports a variety of 2D and 3D target types including ‘markerless’ Image Targets, 3D Multi-Target configurations, and a form of addressable Fiduciary Marker known as a Frame Marker. Additional features of the SDK include localized Occlusion Detection using ‘Virtual Buttons’, runtime image target selection, and the ability to create and reconfigure target sets programmatically at runtime. Vuforia provides Application Programming Interfaces (API) in C++, Java, Objective-C++(a language utilizing a combination of C++ and Objective-C syntax), and the .Net languages through an extension to the Unity game engine.[ In this way, the SDK supports both native development for iOS and Android while also enabling the development of AR applications in Unity that are easily portable to both platforms. AR applications developed using Vuforia are therefore compatible with a broad range of mobile devices including the iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets running Android OS version 2.2 or greater and an ARMv6 or 7 processor with FPU (Floating Point Unit) processing capabilities.
Installation Instructions: 

Extract the zip files into the directory of choice and execute the ARWaves.exe file.  

Update:  Unbelievable.  Although the webcam works in the Unity Editor, it is "not supported" on the PC platform, so the webcam won't work in an stand-alone executable file.  Which is ridiculous.  I found this on a forum:

"Vuforia, as of today, supports deployment to Android and iOS.  You can use your Webcam for Play Mode (debug / test purpose), but You cannot built a standalone executable for Windows PC or Mac; that's unsupported." 

Time constraints limit the amount of completeness achieved.

Update:  One needs the picture to make this work and the picture is the splash screen (above) so it would probably work if you could use that. 

Hint: Alt-F4 to quit.  

  • The White Rabbit for superhuman inspiration.
  • Conceptual Design:   Paul Christian
  • Programming & Development:  Doug Thorpe
  • Alternative Instrumental Engineering:  Brian McEvoy
  • ... and special thanks to Red Bull for vitalizing the body and mind.
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