All Hands On Deck

All Hands on Deck! is a 2D scrolling action game where multiple players take on different roles on a pirate ship. Any player can tackle any of the roles, be that steering, encouraging the galley slaves or going up the crows nest, with cooperation and communication being vital to the players success. The problem the players face however is that there will always be at least one role vacant, meaning they will regularly need to move between roles on the ship. Traveling between different parts of the ship takes time, so a lack of communication will find different players moving to the wrong location at the wrong time, potentially leaving the ship vulnerable. As the game progresses, the team will be awarded a total number of points based on their distance traveled, multiplied by their speed. Hindering the crew are a number of environmental obstacles such as rocks and tidal waves that the ship will need to navigate around and enemy ships that need to be intercepted by the cannon before they come into range. Failure to avoid obstacles or to destroy enemy ships will cause damage to the ship; once the ship health reaches zero, the game is over. At the same time there are also treasure chests and sacks of coins floating in the water that can also be picked up to increase the score even more. To play the game each player will use the shared main screen, showing the top down view of the ship and a mobile or other device with internet access that will control each of the job roles on the ship. Steering: This role allows the player in the steering position to turn the ship left and right via their device. This role is essential to avoid obstacles. Speed: This role allows a player to go below deck and activate the oars, boosting the ship speed to one of three different settings, each applying a multiplier to the score but making it much harder for the Steerer to avoid obstacles. Crows Nest: This position gives the user a list of upcoming obstacles and treasure chests not yet on screen, meaning they can relay this information to the Steerer in order to better avoid damage and pickup treasure.
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Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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Photoshop AfterEffects Unity PIXI JS Node JS Web sockets
Installation Instructions: 

Play included Mac application. Navigate 2 different phone browsers to the address that will show on the menu after pressing start. 


Jacob Hill - Unity Development

Robert Traynor - Server Development

Steve Sandbach - Mobile Client Development

Andrew Bellass - Graphic Design

Daniel Hill - Graphic Design

James Marshall - Sounds, Testing, Additional content