Ahoy There!

The spiritual sequel to the critically acclaimed "All Hands on Deck!", this new title follows a newer, hardier crew in a vast ocean, following their story in seeking the ultimate glory. Explore the archipelago, with over 700 unique islands, with all their unique offerings; could they have treasures? Could they be trapped? You decide. Experience the tale of the new protagonist, M.F. Jones, an escaped parrot of a terrible pirate lord, on his tale of redemption and path to success.
Jam year: 
Lost library card
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Oliver Vlaytchev - Lead Programmer

Nathan Dewell - Senior Game Designer

John Paul Ibanez - Miscellaneous Support

Calum MacBean - Sound and Audio

Ahoy There! was developed using the Unity Engine, with asset creation from MagicaVoxel and Adobe Photoshop.


Special Thanks go out to:

  • Costco Wholesale for providing us with just a great selection of food throughout these 48 hours.
  • Google, once again, for providing a useful platform in Google Drive for users to collaborate with.
  • Deliveroo for delivering premium food, at not-so-premium prices.
  • Ainsley Harriot for supplying the jammers with a great recipe for couscous. Needs a bit more salt though, Ainsley.
  • and a huge thank-you to all the participants at this year's GGJ, both at BCU and worldwide, for being all round sweet peeps.


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