03 Depth Charges is all I have, so I need to relax, listen, close my eyes and kill evil Nazi U-Boats manned by waving zombie pandas in order to save NYC from Apocalyptic Terror

Locate and kill the submarine using your auditory senses. The game also works as both a challenging puzzle game and a relaxation game since its forces users to slow down and listen. ------------------------------------------------------- Story Premise: ------------------------------------------------------- ISIS cultist have discovered a frozen Nazi U-Boat and its crew in Antarctica that was flash frozen in WW2. They defrosted the ship and crew with discovered Nazi tech and re-animated the now zombie crew transformed into pandas seeking to wreak havoc on NYC. The U-Boat was flash frozen in 1942 and was one of the original wolfpack groups that was tasked with stalking the waters of NYC Harbor as described by old stories of wartime NYC media and residents. http://www.oocities.org/fort_tilden/uboats.html ------------------------------------------------------- Unfortunately most of the Navy and Coast Guard are in Washington DC to protect the inauguration so only one lone NYPD helicopter equipped with Sound Buoys and Depth Charges is the only defense flying to protect NYC from being attacked by some newly discovered unknown new defrosted Nazi weapon. ------------------------------------------------------- This game can be played by sighted, blind and deaf players. More interesting for sighted players to play the game blind as well since this can be made into a pure audio game. Real world implications is that it’s a good game for helping to teach rudimentary ping echolocation ------------------------------------------------------- Our game is also a very minimal game in both its simplicity of game play and objectives. (like Minefield) with audio and art style of retro 8-bit game . We are using a Paul Klee Abstract Expressionist Style combined with a Brutalist aesthetic and game play. ------------------------------------------------------- Game can be played as a single player puzzle type game where player has a finite amount of Sound Buoys for location and a finite number of depth charges for killing the sub. ------------------------------------------------------- Win Condition is the destruction of the submarine. Lose Condition is the non-destruction of the submarine when depth charges are exhausted. Submarine releases secret Nazi weapon and destroys NYC ------------------------------------------------------- Play Flow: User drops Sound Buoys to get audio echolocation feedback of approximate submarine direction and distance based on echo return ping delay, volume and horizontal direction. ------------------------------------------------------- Two Player Version for head to head multiplayer with two play devices. Players take turns either dropping a sound buoy or depth charge. First player to kill submarine wins. Potential Draws are same turn kills or both players exhaust all depth charges. ------------------------------------------------------- Wave Theme Incorporated. Submarine is under the WAVES of NYC Harbor----- The Sound Propagation for Sonar exhibits radiating WAVE behavior physics---- We use .WAV style sound formats------ The Little Nazi Panda U-boat Commander is WAVING in Splash Welcome Screen----
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Don’t say a word (ESA Sponsored)
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MS Windows, Mac OS X, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash), Generic mobile platform
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Unity (any product)

Edward Cortez, Jonathan Liu, Ramil Lim, Frank Yu

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