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Open for entire 48 hours
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Maximum 60 participants.

Start at 5pm local time on the Friday. Arrival in the FMM building from 4pm though. We will use 1B07 for presentations, and a couple of adjacent labs for work.


Update -- 1B07 is in use for interviews till around 5pm. We'll do our best to kick everyone else out by then so we can get in. My number is 07754203612 in case anyone gets lost etc.

Food -- there is a co-op around a 10-minute walk away. MORE IMPORTANTLY the best Chinese takeaway in Hertfordshire will deliver to UH for £3.50:

I can only suggest bringing cash so we can do a joint order on someone's card (probably mine).

We'll be in 1B07 from around 4pm, though we may end up pushed a bit later because there are interviews today.


We'll start formally at 5pm with a look at the GGJ Keynote video for this year, and the announcement of the theme for the jam.


Then we have 1B09, 1B07, and 1B05 booked for the whole weekend. Please do avoid eating in the labs! 1B07 is fine for eating in, and is also a great place to go to do brainstorming or other group meetings.


See you all later!

Food Options: 
Nothing available in the area. Participants must arrange their own food and drink.
Available Tools or Technology: 
Computers, 3D & 2D animation software
Who Can Participate: 
Anyone, but non-University students should email the organiser ([email protected]) before signing up
Age Restrictions: 

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