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Dates and hours

Starts: 29/01/2016, 11:00

 Ends: 31/01/2016, 17:00


We set the limit of attendees to 75. For your registration to be considered valid, you have to register both on our local website (http://www.iudav.it/global-game-jam) and on the global website (www.globalgamejam.com).


Food and beverage are at the expense of the attendees. You can find vending machines that sell snacks and drinks inside the building, and bars, restaurants and fast foods in its surroundings.


All attendees must be 18+ and must bring and carry for the whole duration of the event a valid ID, and show it to the organizers whenever asked. Organizers reserve the right to exclude from the GGJ whoever showed misbehaviour, which includes but it's not limited to: use of violence; abuse of substances (legal and illegal); physical and verbal harassment; any kind of discriminations; threaths; smoking inside the building; obscene conduct. Participating to the GGJ, all attendees relieve Global Game Jam Inc, its sponsors and its organizers from any responsibility in regards to damages to persons or property.

What to bring

Attendees are encouraged to bring their own laptops, tablets, smartphones and every device they see fit to game development (this includes the related cables). They are also adviced to install on their devices all the necessary tools (game engines, graphic tools etc.). The site has an internet wi-fi connection, but attendees are advised to provide themselves with alternative ways to connect to the internet (3G/4G connections, tethering, internet dongles), to cover all eventualities. Furthermore, those who wish to spend the night inside the GGJ building are strongly advised to bring blankets, comfortable clothes for the night and a travel hygiene kit.


Attendees need to register individually; teams cannot be registered. Team formation is, however, permitted and encouraged during the GGJ itself. Whoever has already a group of people to work with, then, has just to make sure that every member registers individually in time. But keep in mind that GGJ is a way to make new experiences and broaden your own professional and social network. Attendees are encouraged to team up with new people, cooperate all together, communicate, share information and enjoy each other's company.

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