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This is the NEW Locatiotion on 44 W 7th ave Eugene

This is our third GGJ in a row. We have a vibrant and growing community of friendly developers from all areas of the field.

*This Jam is open to everyone - Professionals, Indies, Students, and Hobbyist.

* Work alone or on a team

* There will be zero tolerance for intolerance towards another persons race, gender, or sexual preference.

* Be open to giving and receiving feedback

* Be open to helping others

* Come and go as you please. We will be having supervisors running the event 24 hours a day.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me and I am more then willing to help you anyway I can.
[email protected]

- Britt Brady

Thanks to this years sponsors:
Coder Dojo
Fertilab Thinkubator 

Network: CBCI-1CB1-5
Password: 3PC3UJ79KLCC3U47

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18+ or any with adult supervision

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