Dames Making Games + Bento Members

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Entrance Fee: 
Friday: 5:00pm–10:00pm, Saturday: 10:00am–8:00pm, Sunday: 10:00am—5:00pm
Jam Site Description: 

The space will be open to Dames Making Games and Bento Miso members and their teams only, and registration is required–sorry, no unregistered guests.

DMG Registration: https://dmg.to/events/global-game-jam-dmg
Bento Registration: https://bentomiso.com/events/global-game-jam-2016

 (If you’re a member of both organizations, please register on only one site!)

Food Options: 
Access to coffee/beverages and food in close vicinity.
Available Tools or Technology: 
Power strips
Who Can Participate: 
Only Dames Making Games and Bento Miso members (and their teams)
Age Restrictions: 

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