Somewhere, deep down in the underground, lives someone who people call Whitey. His family and friends rejected him years ago because of his religious practices and beliefs that were very controversial. He used to do a repulsive ritual every year that was supposed to make other people follow him. One day during his ritual he got infected by an unknown disease. That's when he started to hide underground. Since then his ritual changed but he didn't stop. Once every year, during the night, he comes to the surface to infect other people and make them his followers. Today is the night of the Ritual, don't waste it. Controls: ▲►▼◄
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One hand tied behind my back
Story Mode
MS Windows
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GameMaker (any product)

Cekol (Oskar Kołosowski) - programming, storyline, art design

segre (Adam Prucnal) - music and sounds, videos, storyline, art design

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