Zombie Cycle

Topic Ritual: To make it ritual, we designed the game in a circular map. To make it simple, assume the map like a hamster wheel. Another ritual is killing the zombies. Again again, player kills zombies to gain experience and to make money. Our last ritual is, there is not any levels or different maps. The player can only play with the same map. In other words, player respawn at the same point, as a ritual. Game: The game is an endless running game. Our player has a riffle to hit the zombies. S/he gains exp and money for killing zombies. Later, s/he can upgrade its specialities such as reload time, ammo capacity etc. Gameplay: Our character is always running forward. Player should shoot the zombies in front of him. Player should consider his remaining bullets, and also consider when to reload. Because of the game is endless runner style, after the death of the character. Player can upgrade and start another round to the game. Cheers.
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No retreat, no surrender!
To infinity and beyond!
Android device
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Unity (any product)
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Open Repository Link. Download the zip. Extract zip. Source file is there.

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