Year of the Cat

That sneaky Rat, he snuck into the Zodiac banquet and took your spot! You'll blend in with the other animals, eat food, socialise and gain the favour of the Jade Emperor so that he chooses you to join the Zodiac. - Tap to move Cat. - Pretend to be other animals by sitting in their spot. - Drag correct food to Cat to eat while pretending to another animal.
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One hand tied behind my back
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Used Pyxel Edit for the art and Audacity to clean up the audio files.


Bethany Ward - Sound, Project Management

Chris Schnitzerling - Code

Joel Gordon - Art

Laura McCabe - Art

Sam Turner - Code



Music - "Asian Influenced concept" by Charleon (

Sound Effects sourced from Soundly (

  • "Cat2" by NoiseCollector
  • "Meow" by Corsica_S
  • "Bark1" by Sruddi1
  • "Drachen Schnaufen" by Jeffreys2
  • "Small Goat Bleating" by LukeIRL
  • "Horse - Neigh3" by acclivity
  • "Horse Whinny" by foxen10
  • "Robin   Monkey" by TeamMasaka
  • "Mouse Squeaking" by Nakhas
  • "Cow Moos" by josephsardin
  • "Animal, Pig, Oinks Eating Breathing In Barn SND0937 1"
  • "Chickens" by ecfike
  • "Rooster1" by acclivity
  • "Munching Food" by Kodack-2
  • "Sleeping Beauty" by acclivity
  • "Snake" by qubodup
  • "Angry Beast" by husky70
  • "Tiger Roar" by videog
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