Ye Olde Coffer

Ready to begin a ritual of reincarnation? In Ye Old Coffer two players (the Medium and the Shopkeeper) cooperate in order to reincarnate a Spirit infesting an antique dealer shop. The Medium is the only one who see the Monitor and thus interact with the Spirit, while the Shopkeeper will use the Cards of Reincarnation (pdf or app). To perform the reincarnation you have to drop in a coffer,who once belonged to the Spirit, many combinations of items in the correct order. The spirit will gives hints to the Medium related to which combination is required at each stage, and the Shopkeeper will have to use these hints to find the correct combination of object to use, reading on his Cards of Reincarnation. You will have to cooperate fast, because the spiritual connection with the Spirit will end quickly. If you fail too many times, the connection will broke up, and the Spirit will be lost forever.
Jam year: 
One hand tied behind my back
Story Mode
Companion screen
Common ground
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Edoardo Giacomello - Programmer
Elia Randon - GameDesigner
Mauro Indini - GameDesigner/ 2D Artist
Paolo Bassi - Programmer
Sara Irace - 3D Artist
Silvia De Toni - 2D Artist

Stefano Fiorentini - Programmer

Music: "Fessure (Attic and Stairs)" 
by Deison & Uggeri from "In the Other House"

Sound effects by Matteo Uggeri.




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