White Collar

Over-worked and underappreciated, I.T. specialist Mr. White is a few days away from the dream vacation he's been waiting six and a half years for. But on the cusp of his impending leave, Mr. White can't help but feel overwhelmed and things start to fall into the surreal and bizarre; everyday tasks now hindered by his own imagination. In an attempt to maintain his sanity, he has developed a nightly ritual of stress-relieving activities. Can Mr. White's career survive the last five days, or will stress be his downfall?
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
• Autodesk Maya 2016 • Microsoft Visual Studio • PaintTool Sai • Github
Installation Instructions: 

Simply run the executable file named "White Collar.exe".



  • Joshua McManus
  • Riley Huppatz
  • Konrad Groeneveld
  • Aoife Byrne


  • Harrison Buckland-Crook
  • Kieran Mayer
  • Aoife Byrne


  • Jarod Clarke
  • Ahmed Azhar
  • Konrad Groeneveld
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