Virtual Rituality

Everyone has to die, even software packages. Web browsers, text processors, video games, and drivers too! Once they know it's their time to leave the cyberworld, they must go on a pilgrimage to the Gate of Eternal Rest of Software Packages. But in order to enter the Gate and find such Eternal Rest they must follow the most ancient ritual: SAY HI TO THE WARDEN! You are the WARDEN OF THE GATE of Eternal Rest of Software Packages. Your mission is to provide every software package that wants to leave this world an access key to the gate. Every coming package will say hi to you, but they won't use your language but theirs! Check your CYBERENCYCLOPEDIA and make sure they are not being rude so they can join the Eternal Rest, but if you find any malicious package... DESTROY IT! YOU MUST KEEP THE GATE SAFE! For gameplay instructions, please refer to the 'Installation instructions'.
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MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
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Unity (any product)
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Just find someone that can help you with the different cyberlanguages. He or she (or they!) will have the translation tables while you will be managing the access to the Gate of Eternal Rest for Software Packages. Maybe you prefer to do it the other way around or even play just alone. It doesn't matter, do it your way!



1. Click on any cute software package approaching the core shield. It will say Hi in its language (a combination of symbols).

2. Look in the 'Accepted Greetings' table (included in the VirtualRituality_Encyclopedia.pdf file) and check if the package salutation is included. 

2.a. If the package salutation is not accepted, kill the package. To do so, press the space bar or click the right mouse button. This will spawn a cyberbullet and you will need to drive it to your target (the malicious package) to make it explode.

2.b. If the package salutation is accepted, give it the Gate access code in its own language. To do so, use the 'Translated Gate Access Codes' table to get it and the keyboard to select, first, the proper language, and then, the translated symbol sequence. Once you have it in your display, send it!

If a nice package receives a correct access code, it will eventually reach the Gate. Great! But if the access code is wrong or the package doesn't receive it soon enough, it will be destroyed by the Gate shield. Ouch!

If a malicious package reaches the Gate shield, bullets won't affect it and will eventually destroy the Gate and... well, the game will be over. And if you kill 3 nice packages the game will also be over.

It's more fun with 2 players, one managing the computer and the other using the encyclopedia in a different device or printed.

Give it a try and find how many software packages reach the Gate of Eternal Rest!




This little idea has been crafted by Mango Protocol:

Mariona Valls - Art and design

Jordi Garcia - Art, design and programming

Javier Gálvez - Design and programming

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