Unstoppable Grave Looter

Trapped in an eternal hell, our hero falls back on old habits and decides to loot some graves. Use your loot to perform rituals that cleanse the restless dead with giant flaming chickens!
Jam year: 
LEGO got it right
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Technology Notes: 
Made with Unreal Engine 4
Installation Instructions: 

To Run

The PC build is attached below in the list as Executable or you can grab the Mac download here.  Unzip and run the executable.  You may need to install the UE4 prereqs as well.

If the game feels sluggish, press F5 to run the automatic benchmark to pick better rendering settings.


An intrepid grave looter accidentally disturbed the ritual of the groundhog and was cursed to never stop running.
Trapped in an eternal hell, they fall back on old habits and decide to loot some graves.

  • Each grave you destroy will either provide delicious loot or disturb the dead.
  • Collect ingredients to perform rituals that cleanse the restless dead. When enough have been gathered, cross over the altars dotted thru the cemetary.
  • Use your shield amulet in a pinch, or gather more armor from the merciful angels.

You are unstoppable and are always moving!

  • Mouse or Right Stick - Change which way you are running
  • WASD or ZQSD or Left Stick - Strafing and backpedaling.
  • LMB or Shift or Gamepad A - Shield amulet (recharged via some types of loot)
  • RMB or Space or Gamepad B - Jump
  • Escape - Quit game
  • F1 - Toggle FPS display
  • F5 - Run automatic benchmark to pick the best quality settings for your PC


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