Underworld Invasion

Kind of Tower Defense Game, where you have to defend your ritual of elements. It is a First Person game in a 3D world. In the screen you will see a Life Bar from the Ritual, a Wave counter, and Evil Souls counter. These Evil Souls are drop from the enemies in the game, and you collect them and purify them. You move with "WASD" and activate a skill with Mouse Left click, to change the skill you have the buttons from 1 to 4, each of them the elements: Earth, Fire, Water and Air (in that order). -Earth: This element is about creation, with Evil Souls as exchange you can create Elemental Towers. Four different kind of Towers that have similar skills, excepting the Earth one, this one attracts the atenttion of the enemies. To create a tower you have to activate Earth Element with the "1" key, and select some elemental tower with the keys from 5 to 8 (Earth, Fire, Water and Air). -Fire: This elemenet is about defeating enemies. -Water: This element is for attacking enemies but in a pasive way. -Air: This element is about slowing the enemies between an area. Each of these abilities have 4 levels to upgrade them when you level up defeating the enemies. To level up a skill you have to Mouse Right Click with some skill activated. The goal of the game is surviving enemy waves.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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Game Engine: Unity3d. 3D Model: AutoDesk Maya. 2D Art: Adobe Photoshop. Music: Free Sounds and Boscaceoil.
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Not install required.



Marco Eduardo Elizondo Elizondo. Game Design, Programmer.

Adrian Montemayor Carlín. Programmer.

Daniel Silva Martinez. 3D Models.

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