Tower of Baby...lon

Short story reveal ------------------ You control the mighty Babylon. His parents left him alone for several weeks, but they forgot to turn on the light. Babylon is now afraid of the rising darkness and has to build his fortress of defense against the forces of darkness. Babylon collects toys, furnature and common goods to build a giant tower to reach the light switch. Fortunately, Babylon has great strength to carry all these goods. In his adventure to build the giant tower - dark forces, in the form of angry books and wild knives, rise to stop Babylon from completing his holy journey of making a better world through electric light. But Babylon's greatest enemy is yet to come.... .... .... .... .... Point point point, dot dot dot - all devouring, light-consuming, hope devastating Darkness. How to win ---------- Construct the biggest tower ever build in Baby-architectural craft. But big is not enough! You have to make it beautiful to withstand the darkness with all your glory. To fulfill your holy destiny, do what you were born to do, and free the people of Babylonia by switching on the light! Now go, Babylon and fulfill your sacred, light switching ritual on the plastic piece in the wall! The people of Babylonia are counting on you. Note: This has nothing to do with the real city Babylonia. But it is based on true events happening soon near you, possibly maybe ... I don't care. Babylon. Research on piloting Babylon --------------------------------- We detected that 'Clicking' possibly allows Babylon to pickup a single object in front of him with the might of his incredible strength. Also there is a chance 'Clicking' again will release the object of your desire from its torment of Babylon's soul and will-crushing strength. There is a small chance 'WSAD', we don't know what that actually is, is possibly the key to move Babylon around. Another 'Click', possibly the right one, unleashes Babylon's power to bend time and space in front of him.
Jam year: 
To infinity and beyond!
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Up-to-date Babylon Power Simulation

Felix "Babylon" Borns

Tobias "Babylon" Borns

Nicolas "Babylon" Harttig

Andreas "Babylon" Grießer

Hans "Babylon" Böhme

Sebastian "Babylon" Krause


Dimitar "Babylon" Dimitrov

Wolfgang "Babylon" Reichardt


Sound and music by Stephen "Babylon" Froeber


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