Touch from Above

This game is a 2D-RTS game with top-down camera angle. In the game you are a god in a planet of the Ubus. Ubus are pretty stupid creatures and you have to guide them to the right sacrifing totems by using elemental powers. Elemental powers are activated by using action cards. In example you can divide the land with new river or plant trees for Ubus to feed. Sacrificing totems and Ubus come in three different colors and you as a god get more power if Ubus sacrifice themselves around the totem of the same color. There are four different action cards in the game and you can always choose between two randomly drafted cards. After clicking or tapping the card you want to use, you can use it's effect to indirectly try to guide the Ubus to right totems. The actions are: - Fire: Ubus are scared of fire and also they die if they touch the flames. They don't die by sacrificing so you don't get or lose points for that - River: You have to hold mouse button down and drag the river across the play-area - Plant: You can plant trees for Ubus to eat by clicking - Move Totem: You can drag and drop one of the totems in anywhere in the play-area. With every Ubu that sacrifice themselves in the right totem you get 5 points but you lose one point if Ubu sacrifice himself in the wrong totem. After two minutes, the game ends and you can see how many points you earned. The game also includes local High Score. Game works in any Internet browser, but in mobile there is a bug in the river making. So if you are playing this in mobile, try not to use River-action cards, because after that you cannot do anything but wait for the game end.
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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