The game consists of one player character, 6 totems and runes. The totems are activated by the player and communicate with him through music. The player has to identify what the totem is communicating with him and figure out which ritual to perform. The ritual might involve physical movement or search for runes using abilities provided by the totems. The controls are pretty weird and complicated: arrow keys for moving, ctrl for jumping, e to activate totem, pageup/pagedown to pick up or put down movable item, home/end to turn on or turn off the lights at the appropriate rune, F1 to place a bridge in front or behind you, F2 to blink yourself through a wall and/or obstacle, R to restart the game, Esc to exit the game. Whilst playing we found out that you can pass some obstacles by performing blink-jump (pressing ctrl while moving, waiting to reach the point just before the ground level and then pressing F2 to blink yourself in the direction you are moving). To stop the lava from flowing (orange) you have to place the movable object, which is colored dark blue, in the place-able (place i guess?), which is colored light blue.
Jam year: 
Comic Book Colours
Crowd Sourced
Gandhi's Game
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
GameMaker (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Every object action is scripted. We didn't use drag-and-drops (unless we had to).
Installation Instructions: 

The easy way: Download executable, install, play.

The hard way: Download source, open the file in GameMaker:Studio, press play, wait for compilation, enjoy the game.


Martin Petkovski - programming / level design / music / sfx / graphics

Bosko Koloski - programming

Antonio Karapec  - graphics / beta testing

Stefan Kuzmanovski - graphics

Vlado Markoski - backstory

Special thanks to Stefan Bogdanovski, Martina Petreska, Filip Spasenovski and all the people that were around in some way.

Game Stills: 
Source files: