Tooth Baby

Tooth Baby is a rhythm/stealth game, where a tooth-like creature infiltrates a cult-like base to find a sacrifice meant for the tooth fairy. The player blends in with the cultists by imitating the gestures and chanting that the cultists are performing. If the player is caught infiltrating, the cultists chase the player until either the player escapes to the next level via stairs, or the cultists catch the player and ends the game as a loss for the player. Once the player interacts with the sacrifice before the tooth fairy does, on the fifth/boss level, the player must run to the final exit and escape successfully to win. The player controls their tooth using the following keyboard buttons: move using Up/Down/Left/Right arrow keys, gestures using A/S/D/F (easily mistaken for WASD), and chant using the Space Bar. Please keep in mind, I was unable to finish the game. It lacks a main menu and the proper mechanics to keep the player engaged, as well as a proper tutorial and failure state. Regardless, I'm glad that the game turned out the way that it did. I hope you enjoy what's there! :]
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Story Mode
MS Windows
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GameMaker (any product)
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Photoshop Elements

Robert Desrosiers - design, art, programming

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