Titus the RUN

NOTE = (Maybe you can't play in windows 10) Doctor Titus works for invent time machine. And assistant Jack helps him. Dr. Titus is a bit rude therefore assistant Jack doesn't like Dr. Titus. Doctor invented the time machine. He says "I will test machine. Jack set the time and coordinates." Jack told yes, but he thinks somethings bad. Jack set the time and coordinates for Circleist sects rituals center. And he sent the time machine to another place. Doctor needs get out from ritual chamber and reach the time machine.
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One hand tied behind my back
Story Mode
Companion screen
MS Windows, Android device
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Unity (any product)
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We used Unity 5.3.2f1 version, Audacity for audio editing, Adobe Photoshop CS6 for graphics. Note: Some sources taken from freepik.com and freesource.org .
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Click open and select project folder on unity project manager. If you build another platform, click build settings in file menu and build.



Selahattin GÜNEŞ - Programming

Muhammed Tahir HOÇUR - Story, Graphics

Ajiyba Nesij KORKMAZ - Audios, Scenario




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