TIki Tiki Revolution

TTR is a game about a group of shamans trying to contain a demon growing stronger every second. The player has to follow a mantra pressing controller buttons according to the color of the flames spawned by the shamans' ritual dances.
Jam year: 
Gandhi's Game
One hand tied behind my back
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
.Net, Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
The game currently requires a XInput-compatible controller to be played.
Installation Instructions: 

To download and execute the game on your favourite device, you have to download and install Unity v5.3.2f1

After you import the project in the engine's workspace, you can run it manually or compile an executable or installer package.


If you don't feel like downloading and installing Unity, get the executable version instead.

Just download the archive, extract its contents and play the game.


From left to right:

Alessandro Ferioli - Denise Roncolato - Giacomo Boni - Rossana Barbati - Davide Leopizzi(Back row) - Michael Maneia - Alessandro Uliano - Marco Mignano(Back row) - Umberto Arduini

Music from Federico di Cera, WaxWolf.
SFX from Francesco Arcioni

Source files: