Terrible Morning Person

You are not a morning person, but the morning ritual is a necessary part of life. Tired and groggy, you must complete all of your morning tasks. Sometimes it feels like your left and right hand are controlled by completely different people. Actually, they are! Work with two friends to clumsily get through the morning ritual. One controls the body, but two others control the arms. Try to coordinate to do things like prepare coffee and make toast.
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MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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* Note that this game requires 3 people to play. Body controller, and controllers for two arms. The game supports just about any standard game controller as well as keyboard. The game was tested primarily with 3 Xbox 360 controllers.

* Press A on a connected controller to spawn.

* Press Space on keyboard to spawn.

* Keyboard Controls: WASD and Arrows. R and F are used when you're controlling the body to move up and down vertically

* Controller: Thumbsticks for operating arms. Or for operating body (movement and leaning). If operating body, the triggers are used for moving the body up and down vertically.


(Left to right in photo)

Kyle Maguire - Art and Modeling

Nathan Cope - Programming, Design

Dan Donato - Programming, Design

Topher Campbell - Programming

Joe Marchuk - Audio and SFX

Chris Pappas - Project Management