Super Intense Tower Defense

Super Intense Tower Defense is a tower defense-type game. The player is able to place; mines to gather resources, up-gradable turrents, pipelines, secondary bases on colour using the three materials in the game; White energy, black energy and rock. The world is grey but the main base and secondary bases produce colour in an increasing area around them relative to the amount of white and black energy. To craft place base parts the player needs to combine the three materials in the game with souls from dead enemies in one of the three Ritual pots around the main base. Supply lines can be built outward from the main base and secondary bases will then be attached if the supply line ending is on a viable spot(glowing rock). The player must defend against onslaught from different enemies and the player must balance his resources between the secondary bases as it strengthens(repairs faster, builds faster so forth) as more is pumped to it. The player's gun and turrents can also be upgraded in an interactive upgrade system allowing for customization.
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MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
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Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Unzip the "" file and run the "STD.exe" executable. The standard Unity startup dialog should display and allow you to start the game.


Simon Harvey - Developer/models

Francois Van Wyk - Developer/model

Charl Van Staden - Developer

Tim Harbour - Music

Pieter Mal - Audio Fx

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