Sun's Favor

Sun's Favor is a competitive game for three players, racing each other to reach the temple in the center with the artefacts required to win the game. The gameboard and the winning conditions change each time, and the three tribes have subtle differences in their playstyle and available resources. The players move around the board looking for the keys, collecting artefacts, carrying out smaller rituals to aid themselves or slow down their enemies. Sun's Favor is easy to learn, suitable for all players upwards from 8 years of age. It is designed to have a good balance of randomity and player decision, from careful tactics to a mad dash for the finish. Will you participate in the great ritual or will you let the world perish in shadow and flame?
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Common ground
Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)

Game designing

Antti Maalismaa
Ivan Yuschenko
Roksolana Badun

2D art
Cami Vilpas
Juraj Kyppö
Noora Kotajärvi

3D art
Juraj Kyppö

Ivan Yuschenko
Roksolana Badun
Mirko Arkimaa

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