Summoning Surge

You are a young magician entering the dream world to test your summoning limits. Collect white mana orbs to summon Fire Demons, which contributes to the grand ritual of summoning a Fire Lord. Then, collect red possession orbs to gain the ability to steal the demons’ powers for yourself. Collect as much as you can before the fiery enemies overwhelm you!
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No retreat, no surrender!
One hand tied behind my back
To infinity and beyond!
Won't somebody think of the children?
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix, Web browser with special plugins or packaged apps, Android device, iPhone, iPad
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Unity (any product)
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cd to the directory and run:

sudo chmod +x ./LOAP.x86


Copy to your Applications folder and launch from icon.
cd to th directory and run:

sudo chmod +x ./LOAP.x86


cd to the directory and run:


From Source Code

Install Unity 5 with corresponding build module(s) to your system.
Open the project in Unity.
Build and run by pressing: CTRL+B


## Authors


* **Charles Shin** - [bombguy](
* **Christopher Ngo** - [ingochris](
* **Isidro Gomez** - [igomez92](

* **Igor Akimenko** - [demonictomato](


* Dolan Lucero
* Xiaohan Zhang


* Adela Chang
* Jordan Yuen
* Victor Phung

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