Summon Me Something

Summon Me Something is a 2 player competitive game, where the players are witches-in-training trying to earn their marks! Meet your Teacher's every demand by mixing the proper ingredients in the cauldron, and conjure the right stuff. Only one catch- you don't know what any of the ingredients do, and you never will! The ingredients change purpose every match, meaning that each game is a new challenge for you and your opponent. Figure out what each one does, and summon what teacher wants before your opponent can! Play with two controllers, or share a keyboard with WASD, Arrow Keys, and both CTRL keys.
Jam year: 
MS Windows

Tom Farro: Programming

John Guerra: Shaders, 3d Modeling, Texturing

Dillon DeSimone: UI, Character Modeling/Texturing, Animation

Game Stills: