名称:餐前仪式 游戏通过一个餐前仪式的概念,反映了当下现代人的一个习惯:餐前必先拍照。 引起玩家对于人自我思维僵化的反思以及对生活态度有温度的思考。 游戏玩法简单,主要考验玩家的策略判断和反应速度。 玩家扮演一个要在餐前拍到食物完美照片的强迫症患者,用键盘a,w,s,d控制左手拍开朋友夹菜的手,并且要用鼠标控制右手一次性拍到5个或以上食物赢取胜利。 确保摄影画面中没有任何手(包括你自己),如果镜头拍到手或者菜被夹光之前没有拍摄就会输掉游戏 Name:StopMotion This game reflect a habbit of nowadays people: a photo of food must be take before eating,which by elucidating concept of “Ritual before the meal”. It cause the player to rethink the problem about “Self-awareness ossification”and to find a way of finding the ture meaing to life in detal. This game mainly to test players` ability of judgement and agility,and it is simple. Player act a obsessive-compulsive which force himself to take a photo before meal, player usd W,A,S,D to control "left hand" to push your friends` hand off by keybroad, and control the "right hand" with phone camera by mouse.And you would win in the sittuation of taking photo of 5 or more food in one chance. Ensure there is no hand in your camera(include your hand),If you took a photo with with hands, or you couldn`t take photo before food eat off by others, you will lose the game.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 


Extract to and press [Space] to play!Press [R] restart the game. Enjoy!



Teamleader: Powerblood(technical artist)
Teammates: Fair(programmer);DK(2d art/Audio FX)
Specia thanks: Leon,Blackpig,Summerkitty,Monica

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