In this videogame you play the role of an Aztec shaman who need to please the bloodlust of the Gods to save his life. The God's pleasing level lowers as the times goes and you need to sacrifice the Aztec guys around you. Hurry up, you have to be a quick killer to fill the God's pleasing level to complete the level and obtain the God's power. Pay attention to your victimes too, they are not so eager to die and they'll try to kill you, just be quick and sacrifice for your Gods! We think this games is a good answer to the "Rituality!" theme: we interpreted "Rituality" as cyclicity, tribality, chaos and then we set the Action in the Aztec world that represents very well the theme in our opinion. We tried to merge very well in the Aztec World by using the Aztec Iconography to represent every object in this world as they did.
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)

Game Designers: Federico Boccardo Riccardo Fissore
2D Artists: Luca Bottazzi , Maurizio Greggio
3D Artists: Andrea Di Pasquale Samuel Sirca
Developers: Manuele Boschetti , Diego Gurrieri Stefano Rovida
Sound Designer: Lorenzo Salvadori (SFX) , Enrico Scatto (Soundtrack)

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