Seal of Doom

In this RPG action adventure game you control a student Teppo Teekkari. He wakes up in a terrible hangover, only to find out that the world around him has changed. He must stop the evil ritual and save the world from the invasion of seals.
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A Local Game for Local People
MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
RPG Maker VX Ace, Audacity, ASEsprite, Paint
Installation Instructions: 

All files included. Extract .zip, and open .exe file found in extracted file. It will extract game´s files into a seperate folder. After you have done it, run game.exe found in there. Game is Windows-compatible.


Credits via game´s main menu.
Elias Vähäjylkkä - Additional Graphics and Story

Jaakko Tuuri - Building and Story

Kuisma Närhi - Music and Audio

Tony Vilpponen - Building and Story

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