Sauna Simulator 2016

Going to sauna is a highly valued ritual among finns, and may of us have built their personal smaller rituals inside this almost sacred performance. It's a ritual of physical and spiritual cleansing, as well as an event for deep discussions and building social relations. This game takes you inside the ultimate Finnish sauna experience, in midsummer, when you can decide whether to go swimming or to make snow angels. The goal is to make your "saunoja" character feel happy enough, for a certain time to win the game. There are certain things to do for increasing character's happiness more efficiently, and you have to figure them out. Once you do, you have learned something about what finns appreciate as they go to sauna. If you happen to be a finn, well, just go to sauna your way and enjoy :) CONTROLS: w,a,s,d: moving space: take logs, take a beer, snow angels etc :) mouse left click object: open tv (when you sit in sofa) and throw water in sauna. For beginners: first you need to warm sauna. Take a log in outside (press space to close to log) and walking to sauna and press space. Check also gameplay video that you will get better idea. Enjoy :)
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A Local Game for Local People
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Assets in Kenney Game Assets 2 and own sprites, tile map editor from Unity Asset store, Logic Pro X for audio
Installation Instructions: 

Unzip, locate app or exe and run..


Joni Ahola - programming, graphics, game design

Heikki Tikkanen - game design, ui, audio

Juraj Kyppö - graphics, animation

Tomi Knuutila - idea

YouTube / tykylevits - voice acting (We claim no rights to this material!!)

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