The big bad blancher is making a ritualistic soup and needs some mushrooms for it. Little poor mushrooms need to run for their lives, but they can borrow the power of light to defend themselves and to banish the big bad blancher. The game is 1 vs. 3 players, where one plays as blancher and three play as mushrooms. Blancher catches mushrooms and mushrooms collect light pieces to trigger their attack, where they surround blancher with light.
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Download game binary and play.

You can play either with four gamepads (which the game should configure automatically) or with keyboard. Keyboard bindings are:

Player 1: wasd and 2 to dash (if you're the Blancher)

Player 2: arrowkeys and enter to dash (if you're the Blancher)

Player 3: tfgh and 5 to dash

Player 4: ijkl and 8 to dash


Jani Liikkanen - Programming
Janne Räsänen - Programming
Olli Ketonen - Audio
Jonna Pärnänen - Graphics
Niina Saijonkivi - Graphics

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