Rockar is a side scrolling and puzzle adventure, telling the history of a man of the Paleolithic era through paints in caves. They believed that drawing in caves was a ritual to ensure the success of the hunting, harvesting and fighting dangerours animals. The player have the ability to paint on the screen, allowing access to diferent places and interactions, like litting fire, creating bridges and stairs to overcome dificulties. Also, spears can be throw from distance, allowing hunting fleeing animals. Controls: A or Left Arrow move left S or Right Arrow move right Space jump Ctrl crouch Right mouse button throw spear Left mouse button, after selection paint (top right corner), draw
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LEGO got it right
MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Source and Release in the same file. Just execute rockart.exe inside release folder. No installation required.


Developer and Programming: Andre Felipe da Silva
Art and Game Design: Leandro Botelho Peixoto

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