Rituals 974

Discover different rituals to most ordinary to the weidest. From the simple ritual of morning until the potion conception .
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A Local Game for Local People
Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
in order to realise this game we have used : Photoshop CC for 2d Graphics Blender for modelisation and animation Magix music maker to create ingame sound Sony soundForge to edit sounds
Installation Instructions: 

the game is made with Unity 5.3.1f1. is made for Android in portrait orientation.

APK can be download in the section EXECUTABLE  or in the Build folder in the Resources zip.

you can place the Apk in your sd card and install it.




Laurent Naze Art

Xavier Naze Programming

Thanks to Thierry Brochart and all people have created and participated to the Global Game jam


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