The Ritual FMV

This is a full-motion video choose-your-own-adventure game using the Twine builder. You are a detective called to a ritualistic murder. Follow live action video of your partner, the crime scene, the coroner's report, and interview suspects. However, only one person is the real killer. Early decisions on which lead to follow affects which of six endings you get.
Jam year: 
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Technology Notes: 
This game was made entirely with cameras/live cast, and the twine engine found at All videos are uploaded to a Youtube account and should be active.
Installation Instructions: 

Open the html file "The Ritual" in your preferred web browser. Twine has some issues with Safari, so I recommend Firefox or Chrome.


Jonathan Benavidez
Jaime Meuller
Peter Stewart
Aaron Pizani
Ashley Rose
Matthew Saylors
Jeremy Saylors
Jesus Adame
Kobe Teal
Tyler Valdez

Matthew Saylors
Jonathan Benavidez
Jaime Meuller
Marjorie Saylors

Marjorie Saylors

Marjorie Saylors