Relic Hunter

The millennial rejuvenation ritual has commenced. You have been honored with the task of restoring our planet's power. To do that, you must gather the relics that will recharge our planet's cores. Each Relic you collect will further your ship's powers and allow you to access deeper recesses of the labyrinth. * Xbox Controller is required to play this game
Jam year: 
Web browser with special plugins or packaged apps
Tools and Technologies: 
.Net, Unity (any product)

Game 1: Relic Hunter - Global Game Jam 2016

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* Xbox Controller is required to play this game

Gam Jam Participants

Level Design & Blender Models Matt Morey
Level Design & Blender Models Nathan Worthington
Programming   Jim Byer
Programming   Jon Worthington
Additional Level Design & Testing ~ Cameron Byer, Brooklyn Byer and Ryan Worthington
Game Music ~ Michael Fewkes (for both games - Relic Hunter and Attack Bots)

External Art Work, Music and Toolkits Used from Unity Asset Store:

Scene Transitions Fungus Games Toolkit
Metal Mayhem Music Pack Unity Technologies
Explosion Particles Merza Beig
Generated Sound Effects
Skyboxes  Hedgehog Team
Player Controller Unity Standard Asset
Industrial Textures Arkham Interactive
SciFi Door  3D Mondra
3D Holographic GUI Skin MPixels
PBS Materials  Integrity Software
Yughues Free Metal Nobiax / Yughues
Ultra Emissive ParticlesGalactic Studios
Free ArtskillZ Textures Luca Eberhart
Scifi Textures  ArtzkillZ Texture Pack

Game 2: Attack Bots

My 10 year old son and I also worked on a second game.   He did a great job.

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