2000 years ago, wars were fought between Dongyi(Paladins) and Hiens(Fiends), unitil a brave king decited seal the evil forces using a Ritual. In the course of time the seal started to deteriorate. Today, a young archaeologist, while exploring ancient ruins, break the seal, and the evil is now free. Now, the archeologist (Noxus) have the to renew the seal and confine the Hiens again. In the game you must to use two handguns to kill the Hiens' Soldiers, and when you kill all them you get an Key to use to close the seal. The game is a very simple FPS where you just have to shoot and reload your weapon (you have unlimited ammo, but still have to reload your guns).
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Run Reborn.exe

Click Play!


Adriano Rocha - Programmer

Cínthia Bezerra - 3D Artist

Nicolas Vinícius - Scrum Master

José Edeson - 2D Artist

Ronaldo Júnior - Musician

Sara Vitória - Musician

Wilton do Amaral - Sound Designer


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Rodrigo Fuenzalida - "Pirate One" Font

darkblackswords - "Sword Art Online Fanmade" Font

scholarlybelgarath - "Fanmade Transmutation Circle"

SexyNakedBunny - "Outch.mp3"

aleksnascimento - "Glock Sound Effect"

brianhanson2nd - "Smith & Wesson 9mm » Dry Fire"

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Patryk Zatylny - "Hand Painted Forest Environment Free Sample"

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